Photometric / Colorimetric Test Equipment & Reagents

The Avalon Institute is a distribution partner of the LaMotte Company and specializes in the LaMotte instrumentation line.  Smart 3 equipment and associated tests, and Tracer PockeTester, including sets of reagents and calibration solutions, are either in stock or available on short notice. For all other LaMotte items, please ask us for price and delivery time.

The Avalon Institute’s research laboratory has developed additional tests for use with the Smart 3 colorimeter, for example:

  • a high-range hydrogen peroxide test for applications in agriculture, animal husbandry, and hatcheries, where standard measuring ranges are insufficient;
  • a high-range chlorine dioxide test for use with more concentrated chlorine dioxide batches for disinfection solutions;and
  • a modification of the old DPD test that distinguishes between chlorine (hypochlorite), chlorine dioxide, and chlorite.

For these additional tests, the Smart 3 requires programming; this service is offered by the Avalon Institute.

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