From the Caspian to Mediterranean:
Environmental Change and Human Response
during the Quaternary

Project Map Baku, Azerbaijan Gobustan Astrakhan, Russia, Volga Delta Tbilisi, Georgia



The UNESCO - IUGS - IGCP 610 project is finished
All information about this project is posted in the

This project was focused on the influence of environmental change on the development of humankind for the entire Caspian-Black Sea-Mediterranean Corridor ["CORRIDOR"], that encompassed the Eurasian intercontinental basins of the Caspian, Black, Marmara, Aegean, and Eastern Mediterranean seas with their connecting straits and coasts.

The series of meetings and field trips continues as the INQUA-POCAS project
that focuses on the Quarternary stratigraphy and geochronology
of the Ponto-Caspian Region.
All information about this project is posted in the

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